Sunday, March 17, 2013

On a sunny afternoon....

Yesterday was one of those days that you wish could happen every day....
Everyone was happy and content....
We went on a trip into town early on so we could go to Lowe's and pick up the stuff we needed for the ensuite bathroom we are putting into our guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is a massive 23' in length and is  on the top floor of the house along with the gallery overlooking the living room - that's all there is up there. The main bathroom for the house is down 2 flights of stairs in the basement (unless you count the master ensuite), so you can imagine it isn't really practical for anyone who comes to stay....
We decided we would take an 8' x 8' space out of the guest bedroom and put in an ensuite. Having gotten a couple of quotes this week, we have decided to go with fellow firefighter, Ed, because he is a fellow firefighter and he is bigger than S and I put together, and also because his quote came in cheaper and he can get the job done sooner!....
Anyway, this morning we went off to Lowe's to buy everything we needed to get the project off to a good start - bath, vanity unit, toilet, concrete board, wood to frame out the room etc....S also got me a new sink for the kitchen because the one we have is not very pretty and we both preferred a stainless one..He will put that in for me tomorrow - Yay!

After the trip to Lowe's, we loaded up the trailer with G's kayak and our new canoe and headed the mile down the road to the lake at Van Winkle Hollow. This a really quiet spot that is seems only the locals really know about, so should be great for the whole of the summer when the tourists hit the main lake. I have never been in a canoe before and I have to admit I was pretty nervous once I got in and we headed off away from the shore. It wobbled a heck of a lot more than I had anticipated, and when a power boat and water-skier came past, I was sure we would tip over as the wake hit us. Of course we didn't and the further we got down the inlet the more my confidence grew. It was fabulous just floating around, fishing a little, just sitting a little and generally just feeling so extremely lucky to be here. A new friend of mine from the Fire Dept (did I mention we are now volunteer fire-fighters?) told me that she often looks at the tourists who flood in during the summer and thinks to herself - 'you have saved up to come here and spend your vacation on the lake, and I get to experience it every day of the year'...and she is right. We are among some of the luckiest people there are. Our days out  on the lake have no limitations and to be able to live this close to such stunning water and scenery with the amazing wildlife like Bald Eagles is such a privilege - I don't think I will ever grow complacent at being here. Every day something changes in the woods and on the water. Every day I seem to meet new and wonderful people. I have yet to meet someone who I didn't like out here, and we are rapidly becoming part of the Rocky Branch Community which is wonderful for us and for the boys.

I really couldn't be happier. This was such a good move for us, on every level :-D
Here are a few of our photos from our sunny afternoon...

Have a wonderful day


  1. Let me know when the new bath is done, Mrs. C and I have our bags packed, but we don't do two floors down for the bathroom!

  2. My bag's packed too Lou - it looks so beautiful! This weekend I got chased by a daffodil with an electrified badmington racket (post to follow obviously ;) - your's looks a lot more peaceful! x

  3. My bags are packed, three! Looks so lovely there. Is it hot yet? We're going to get another 5 inches of snow tonight!


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