Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This morning I am waiting in for FedEx to arrive. I have no choice but to wait in because I cannot miss the FedEx man. He is bringing the documents for me to sign for the purchase of our new house and I have to to sign them, get them notarised and then overnight them back to the bank via FedEx, so they have them ready and waiting for when S goes to sign and complete on Thursday!

I guess it will be almost like I own our house before S does. I say almost because it is his signature that is the important one. I just have to sign because I am his wife and the state requires it. Still this means that in only 2 more sleeps, we will own our first proper home together.

Obviously it is not our first home together, but it is the first home we have bought together, having spent what seems like an eternity living in rented houses. I am looking forward to being able to paint walls and landscape the garden without permission from a landlord, and to finally adding some value to our own home instead of someone else's house - cos lets face it, when you rent, it may well be your home, but it is always someone else's house and that can be pretty tough. Now we have bricks and mortar for the children to fight over after we are gone as well as all the personal stuff!

The really good bonus thing about our purchase is that although we are paying asking price, our house was valued at significantly over the asking price, and the seller is paying 95% of the closing, so we already have a huge chunk of equity in our home which in this economic climate is a wonderful thing!

If I am being honest though, I really don't care about equity or any of that, I am just thrilled to be setting down some proper roots for our family. Even though my beautiful A is living in the UK, hopefully this house will be the place that she knows she can always come home to, no matter what. The boys will both come to know this as home really quickly, and they will finally have their own bedrooms which I am hoping will reduce the 'bicker' factor significantly. We will be able to invite people to come and stay, knowing that we have the room to accommodate them without us all being on top of one another.

The other marvelous thing about moving, is that we finally get to have another dog. The boys have waited patiently for us to be in a position to get another dog, and we are hoping to give a home to this lovely lady. She is a 5 month old German Short-Haired Pointer, who we plan to call Jude (she is currently known as Lola). She is a rescue from a family who found out they were having a baby after they had her and could not provide a home to a dog as well as a baby - which is wonderful news for us! She is unusual colouring, which is known as Gelber Brand and is extremely rare and dates back to the origins of the breed in the 1800's. S and I have both owned GSP's previously, although not together, and we are hoping to train her as a working hunting dog as well as her being a loyal and lovable family pet. The training is all new to S, but it is something I have done before and so am looking forward to teaching to S and the boys as well as the dog herself! But whether she hunts or not, we just think she is gorgeous.

Now I just need this FedEx man to arrive....

Have a great day


  1. Try as you may to cover it up, you are clearly more excited about bringing Jude into your life than to owning your own home!

    I am sure that beautiful pooch will "Take a sad song and make it better"


  2. Congratulations!

    One of my first boyfriends had a German Shorthair. Lovely dogs.


  3. What a lovely dog - and I totally think she looks like a Lola Jude, and it's fine to give her two names. My pitbull is named Shirley, and no one believes me when I tell them so but it's the name she came with. Sometimes I call her sweet potato or doggie dog. But really, she'll answer to anything. =)

  4. She's beautiful - nothing like having your own dog! xx


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